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Truth Values Video Trailer


Gioia De Cari
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Truth Values Production Photo

Truth Values production still #1 high-res color jpg
Photo by Silvana Ximena
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Photo by Silvana Ximena
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Photo by Silvana Ximena
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Press Release

Truth Values at The Miller


Truth Values One Sheet

Production History

Truth Values Past Engagements


Truth Values Reviews
ExperienceLA.com: Truth Values Review by Charity Tran
TimeOut New York: Truth Values Review by Andrew Frisicano
Open Media Boston: Truth Values Review by Marc Stern
EDGE Boston: Truth Values Review by Kilian Melloy
Blast Magazine: Truth Values Review by Joelle Jameson
Ambling Along the Aqueduct: Truth Values Review by Timmi Duchamp
The Hub Review: "Do the Math" by Thomas Garvey
HubArts Review of Truth Values by Joel Brown
MIT ArtTalk: Truth Values Review by Ken Haggerty
The Williams Record: "Autobiographical Truth Values Bites Back at Sexist Academia" by Stanislas Monfront
Wired Magazine's Geekmom: Truth Values Review by Rebecca Angel
MAA FOCUS: Truth Values Review by Lois M. Baron


M.I.T. Responds to Truth Values
Women in STEM Fields Respond to Truth Values

Truth Values Background

Truth Values feature in Technology Review Magazine
Gioia De Cari on Women… 'Truth Values' - Ensemble Studio Theatre Blog, by Rich Kelley
Truth Values Story in Boston Herald by Jenna Scherer
Boston Globe: "For Gioia De Cari, Larry Summers Made Her Play" by Joel Brown
New Hampshire Union Leader: "Art and Science Unite" by Meghan Pierce
Daily Hampshire Gazette: "Math Whiz" by Steve Pfarrer
Notices of the American Mathematical Society: "The Mathematical Dramatist: Interview with Gioia De Cari" by Julie Rehmeyer
Chronicle of Higher Education: "Math + Women + MIT = Dramatic Tension" by Carolyn Mooney
Association for Women in Mathematics: "Reflecting on Truth Values as a Faculty Member of the MIT Math Department" by Gigliola Staffilani
Gioia De Cari's 1-Woman Play to Explore the Question "Are Women Inherently Inferior to Men in Math and Science?" by Cori Urban
Fringe Propaganda: "Heading back to the scene of the crime" by Margo Lemburger
Gioia De Cari Interview with Alison Klejna of Central Square Theater
The Feminist Press: Under the Microscope Interview with Gioia De Cari by Chelsea Wald
Gioia De Cari Interview with Margaret Lobenstein, author of The Renaissance Soul

New York Academy of Sciences: "MIT's Math Maze" Science and the City podcast
Gioia on Off Off Pod: A Podcast Celebrating the Indie Spirit with host Stephen Bittrich
Gioia De Cari at the All for One Theater Festival
WGBY Connecting Point
Post-performance discussion onstage with Dr. Evelynn Hammonds of Harvard and Ms. Rhonda Davis of the National Science Foundation

Gioia De Cari speaks about the origins of Truth Values at the MIT Women’s UnConference